What is Big Community?
Big Community is a member-to-member, direct donation platform, for members to help each other members in a systematic way. By using this platform, members can give and receive donations from each other.
Which countries can join this program?
This program is available worldwide. Convert to your local currency if there is no option to change the currency type in your dash board
Do I need to own a website to join?
No. As a registered member, you can access your dashboard through Big Community official website. You can use all marketing material that is being shared by other members and add your own ads/marketing material.

The Big Community & System

How many donators can I invite?
You can refer unlimited donators.
Can Free member earn any donation?
No. A member need to donate first before receiving donation. The receiver will approve and upgrade your account status.

Big Community Registration

Can I use the same email for multiple accounts?
Yes. Each account need to use different username, but email address can be the same.
Do I need to provide valid email address?
Yes. All notifications, reminder and account recovery need a valid email address. You also need a valid email address to update your profile. If you registered with fake/wrong email address, the account is not accessible and will expire.
Do I need to provide valid phone number?
This is optional. Members feel more confident if they can contact you to ask about the program and donation process.
I did not receive any email from Big Community after registration.
It could be in your Spam/Junk box. And it is also possible the email address is not valid. You can try 'Forgot Password' in login page.

Big Community User Account

Is there any maintenance or administration fee?
Why does a free account has expiry?
There will be some users that sign up a Free account just to take a look and learn more about Big Community, and not interested in participating in the program. To make sure the system is clean and running smoothly, free accounts will be removed after 48hours of inactivity.
What happen after a free account expired?
The account will be completely removed from Big Community server. The user will be unable to access his/her account except by signing up a new account.

Bank & Payment Methods

Why do I need to provide a payment method?
Your sponsors will make donation directly to your bank account or any payment method provided.
How many payment methods can I enter?
Every member can choose only a one (1) payment method
Can I use the same payment details for multiple accounts?
Yes. If you have more than one (1) Big Community account or you help to manage your friend/family account, you can use the same bank account information (BTC, ETH, XRP, USD, NGN) for all of the accounts.
Can I edit, add, remove selected payment method?
Yes! You can do so at any time. But make sure you have at least one (1) payment method available, or else your sponsors will be unable to initiate a transaction
Want to know how big community works?
Donate and get 200% of your initial donation.